Exfoliated Vermiculite

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  • Improves Soil Aeration
  • Retains moisture and nutrients
  • Enhances Soil Structure & Drainage
  • Provides Sterlie Environment for Seed Germination Consistent release of nutrients from organic fertilizers


Amritik Exfoliated Vermiculite is the horticulturist’s secret for flourishing green havens. Feather-light and sterile, it effortlessly enhances soil aeration, promotes optimal root development, and ensures a pathogen-free environment. This premium vermiculite is a moisture retention maestro, releasing hydration gradually for sustained plant health. Perfect for custom soil blends, container gardening, and seed germination, Amritik empowers your horticultural pursuits with precision and ease. Elevate your gardening experience with Amritik Exfoliated Vermiculite.

Direction of Use:

Potting Mix: Prepare a mixture of AMRITIK Vermiculite and Garden Soil in a 1:4 ratio

Germination:  Use Amritik Vermiculite and blend it with peat moss for seed germination.

 Cuttings:  Moisture the vermiculite and plant your cutting in it. A rooting harmone can promote root formation.

Hydroponics: Use Amritik Vermiculite as a component in growing media or as a standalone medium.


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